Our dentists and team are committed to helping you maintain a healthy smile. As part of this commitment, we provide sports mouth guards to protect your teeth and smile while you play. Athletic mouth guards are strongly recommended for anyone who participates in recreational athletic activities, including low-contact sports. They are often required equipment for high-contact sports, including wrestling, football, hockey, rugby, boxing, soccer and basketball.

Sports mouth guards help prevent injuries such as:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Injury to the lips, tongue, cheeks and gums
  • Neck injuries
  • Jaw injuries

While you can purchase a generic stock or “boil and bite” mouth guard at most sporting goods stores, these mouth guards will not be as effective as custom-made appliances. Custom-made mouth guards created by our dentists provide greater protection for your mouth and smile and are much more comfortable to wear. A custom sports guard can usually be created in just two appointments. During the first appointment, we will take impressions from which the mouth guard can be made. At the second appointment, you will receive your mouth guard, and our dentists will check to ensure it fits correctly.

We invite you to call Jennings & Larson Family Dentistry at 928-577-2533 to learn more about the benefits of sports mouth guards in Fort Mohave, Arizona, and schedule your appointment with our dentists.