Dental implants are an ideal replacement for your missing teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement options, implants replace both the roots and crowns of your teeth to give you a more stable long-term solution for your smile.

Implants consist of two main parts: an implant post and an implant restoration. The implant post replaces the tooth root, working to stimulate your supporting jawbone so that it remains healthy and will provide a stable foundation for your teeth. The implant post is surgically inserted into your jawbone and is followed by a period of healing so that you can recover from the replacement and the post can integrate with your jawbone. After you have healed, you will be able to receive the implant restoration. Depending on your individual needs, this restoration could be a crown, bridge or denture. Each restoration is custom designed to provide a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Almost everyone who is missing teeth is a candidate for implant dentistry. You should be able to receive an implant without difficulty as long as your teeth, mouth and supporting oral structures are healthy. If you have tooth decay, periodontal disease or another condition, you will need to receive treatment to resolve that problem before you can receive an implant.

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