Our dentists may recommend a dental filling if your tooth has sustained minor to moderate damage, such as that caused by cavities, fracturing or chipping. Fillings work to repair your damaged tooth structure, restoring the appearance, strength, function and structure of the tooth. There are two main types of dental fillings: amalgam (silver) and composite (tooth-colored). Our dentists will help you determine which type of filling will best meet your needs. Composite fillings are especially popular as they match the natural color of your tooth and work with your tooth structure to improve your oral health.

When you receive a dental filling, our dentists will provide a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. We will then clean the tooth to remove decay and damaged tooth structure. The filling material will then be placed and shaped to match the appearance and contours of the tooth. The filling will then be hardened and polished to complete the treatment and provide you with a long-lasting solution for your oral health and smile. This process can usually be completed in a single appointment.

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